Thomas Rydell identity



Thomas Rydell is a brilliant musician, orchestrator and composer, based in Sweden. Digital Tsunami has commissioned him to deliver soundtracks for film and music tracks for web projects.

For a new website, Digital Tsunami developed an intriguingly minimal identity for the Thomas Rydell brand. The apparent simplicity of the icon conveys complex meaning.

The main element resembles:

  • two beamed notes of musical notation, reflecting the classical aspect of his work as a composer and arranger; and also
  • a set of headphones, reflecting the contemporary aspect of his electronic recordings

The superscript TR placed to the right of the icon, resembles:

  • the TM symbol for ‘Trademark’
  • the ® symbol for ‘Registered’, indicating the intellectual property rights inherent in the music Thomas creates;
  • and of course, his initials!

This deceptively simple identity attains the trio of branding objectives: it is simple, clean and powerful.



Client: Thomas Rydell
Solution/s: branding
Sector/s: broadcasting, communications & entertainment, corporate services, media & publishing
Region/s: EMEA
Language/s: English
Scope: identity development
Features liaising with client (Eskilstuna, Sweden)

From Our Clients

Quotation Mark

I am very happy with my new website from Digital Tsunami.

Not only did they design it, they also created my logo, and gave me valuable advice and professional feedback.

Through Digital Tsunami, my website now looks professional, easy to navigate and (through my customised CMS), easy to update.

Thomas Rydell
Eskilstuna, Sweden