Digital Tsunami has an agile approach to projects. The objectives and client requirements drive the strategy. The functionality determines the most appropriate technologies, resources and best-of-breed strategic partners and solutions.

This agile approach ensures a laser focus on project needs. After UX/UI research, detailed documentation and key stakeholder workshops to determine specific requirements (and wireframes for online media or storyboards for immersive environments and video), we can determine the best-of-breed solutions, locations, technologies and personnel to deliver the best solution.

Founder / Creative Director, Andrew W Morse 孟安德, is a multimedia communications veteran, with over four decades experience in film and video production and an extensive understanding of advertising media, cinema, theatre, music and marketing. He has delivered evocative solutions to global brands and filmed on locations around the globe, served on judging panels of the AWIA Australian Web Awards, the Web Marketing Association Web Awards and the Consensus Software Awards. In motion picture production, Andrew has been a Director, Producer, feature film Investor’s representative, Completion Bond consultant and lecturer in film production at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. He is a current member of Australian Academy Cinema Television Arts and of Screen Producers Australia.

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Head of Production, Andy Chan Wing Kai 陳永佳, is a highly talented multilingual content Producer with extensive experience in the China market. Andy and Andrew first worked together on film and video projects for China clients in 1991, and continue to support local and international corporations, advertising agencies, film producers, music labels and photographers. He initiated the CSR support for the Helping Hand charity and has a well-earned titular Masters degree in China manufacturing!

This pair of exceptionally experienced, creative executives are supplemented by our specialist technicians, world standard practitioners and strategic affiliates, to convert the conceptual brief into effective reality.

All Digital Tsunami personnel and partners are focused on and dedicated to extremely high standards of content development, support and product delivery. Review our agile approach in the quality of our work for a diversity of clients and the accolades we have received.