Comsec trilingual website



Comsec offers incorporation and corporate secretarial and accountancy services in the well-established and dynamic international corporate centres of the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and Hong Kong.

Comsec has been a Digital Tsunami client since 1999. The web presence has always been trilingual (simplified Chinese character, traditional Chinese character and English versions).

The core functionalities of the site are the content management system (CMS) which enables the frequently updated company name lists (in Chinese characters and English) to be uploaded by Comsec, and the detailed online application forms, which revolutionised the sector when first introduced by Comsec early in the century.

Evocative images are integrated throughout the site. All images were either photographed or sourced by Digital Tsunami.

This latest iteration features extensive search engine optimisation (SEO) and a ‘responsive’ design for best presentation as a website on desktops and as a mobile site on handheld devices, including tablets and a variety of smartphones.


Client: Comsec Worldwide
Solution/s: online
Sector/s: corporate services, financial services
Region/s: Americas, Asia & Pacific, EMEA
Language/s: English, Cantonese, Mandarin
Scope: copywriting, web design, mobile, design, web development
Features mobile optimised, extensive SEO, trilingual website (simplified and traditional Chinese characters, English), regular company name list uploading

From Our Clients

Quotation Mark

The services provided included the registration of our domain name, establishment of our email accounts, and development & hosting of our website, were all executed rapidly and effectively. We also appreciate the service of upgrading our list of 150 shelf company names (in Chinese characters and English) every 2 weeks.

We valued the high level of creative design provided by Digital Tsunami, both for the website and the corporate identity.

Anthony Chiu
Managing Director
Hong Kong