video booklets

The most powerful way to put video right into the hands of prospects, partners, clients or staff, a video booklet is a compact video screen integrated in a hardcover booklet or box.

A proved technology, video booklets are still relatively rare and so deliver massive impact.

A magnetic switch embedded in the cover automatically starts the video playing, and pause/play and volume buttons enable the viewer to control content.

The touchscreen option makes it possible to view multiple videos, triggered by tapping on a hot spot on multiple custom graphics. A supplied USB cable allows for charging and the loading of new content.

The cover can be infinitely customised in dimensions, screen size (from 2.5cm to 25cm diagonal), shape and opening direction (left, right, top). A 16 page printed booklet can be inserted in the cover.

Custom artwork could be applied to a very short run or a generic cover (with logo and URL) utilised for thousands of different videos, loaded as demand requires.

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