Supply Chain

Around the globe, the landscape of retail and transport is experiencing transformation unseen since sea containers changed world trade, almost half a century ago.

Augmented reality, NFC, QR codes, RFID chips, e.commerce, JiT manufacturing, TPL, warehouse racking, automated picking & packing, and drone deliveries are revolutionizing the logistics sector.

Digital Tsunami produces visual assets which can explain the innovation of your product or service.

Across all forms of brand promotion, Digital Tsunami offers a responsive and creative service of strategic concepts, innovative technology and meticulous attention to detail.

Digital Tsunami capabilities encompass:

  • aerials
  • augmented reality
  • branding
  • computer graphics
  • online
  • ​mixed reality​
  • photography
  • premiums
  • press
  • print
  • time-lapse
  • truck wraps
  • video
  • virtual reality

Inside warehouses, we shoot aerials and time-lapse sequences; place cameras on conveyors, forklift trucks & robotic equipment; to generate films which immerse the viewer within the supply chain process.

Digital Tsunami offers a network of CASA certified pilots (of helicopters and UAVs), throughout Australia, (and locally certified pilots in) Asia and the USA

Our clients in the supply chain sector have included:

  • Agility Logistics
  • Jardines Transport
  • Kerry Logistics
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • OOCL
  • Optim
  • Shell

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