Energy / Resources

The global energy and resources sector is on a relentless course to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources.

In recent years, Digital Tsunami has produced online solutions, photography, print and video for clean energy production (hydro, LNG, solar and wind) power sources.

We have shot in Nevada (the epicentre for all three forms of solar power generation), on wind farms in remote Inner Mongolia, and edited dramatic time-lapse sequences of wind tower construction in Australia. We have shot corporate profile photographs of a former Rio Tinto Director and integrated into a contemporary web presence.

Across all forms of brand promotion, Digital Tsunami offers a responsive and creative service of strategic concepts, innovative technology and meticulous attention to detail. This may include any and all aspects of:

  • aerials
  • augmented reality
  • branding
  • computer graphics
  • online
  • ​mixed reality​
  • photography
  • premiums
  • press
  • print
  • time-lapse
  • video
  • virtual reality

Drawing upon the expertise developed over two decades in promoting globally recognised brands, Digital Tsunami can contribute to the success of your project, whether during operation or over months or years of development.

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