Defence / Manufacturing

As a wholly Australian owned corporation, Digital Tsunami has a strong commitment to the safety and efficiency of our defence force personnel and the success of our manufacturing and engineering firms.

Drawing upon the expertise in promoting globally recognised brands, developed over two decades, Digital Tsunami can contribute to the success of Australian manufacturers in their expansion to markets around the world.

Across all forms of brand promotion, Digital Tsunami offers a responsive and creative service of strategic concepts, innovative technology and meticulous attention to detail. This may include any and all aspects of:

Past projects have included artillery, aviation, ballistics, marine, radar, sonar and weapons systems.

Clients in the defence sector have included:

  • ATLAS Hydrographic, Sonartech ATLAS (divisions of ATLAS Elektronik)
  • Craig International Ballistics
  • Hills Antenna & TV Systems
  • Kinetic (now Kinexus)
  • MNS Australia
  • Securair
  • XTEK

We recognise that the commercially and nationally sensitive environment of defence contracting requires publicly-accessible print and video to exclude certain specific technical and manufacturing components.

A recent video for Craig International Ballistics conveyed capabilities, without revealing aspects which would have attracted competitor scrutiny.

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