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[two_third]Digital Tsunami dedicated servers operate (wickedly fast) multiple solid-state-drives in a RAID 5 array with 10GB RAM, located in a Tier 1 Australian data centre.

The defence-grade data centre has exceptional physical and electronic security and redundancy across all core components and functionalities.

On all the WordPress sites which Digital Tsunami builds and hosts, an extensive range of plugins, software and tools are integrated for maximum efficiency and security. These are deployed in order to protect and conserve the bandwidth, speed, integrity and data security of your website.



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[toggle title=”Anti Spam for Increased Efficiency”]Spam is a multi-billion dollar global problem. It is a conduit for malware and an immense waste of your employees time. With intense research and vast investment, human ingenuity is focused on minimising the amount of unsolicited, unwanted and malicious email messages received in your mailbox or web presence.

Our selected Anti Spam tool offers:

  • Automatic cleanup of the spam folder
  • Block comments and pings from specific countries
  • Consider comments which are already marked as spam
  • Email notifications about new spam comments
  • Interactive statistics on dashboard
  • Optional strict check for incoming comments
  • Spam may be marked or deleted immediately
  • Support for the Project Honey Pot
  • Trackback and pingback check
  • Very fast execution


[toggle title=”Security measures for Stronger Protection from Malware Infection”]
Malware encompasses all forms of malicious content intended to modify, exploit, control or damage your computers. The impact of a single virus has been able to infect one of every four computers worldwide!

Our selected Anti-Virus software is an easy and safe tool to protect your site against exploits, malware and database injections. We have also integrated a firewall and multiple robust security measures to monitor and mitigate attempted attacks and prevent unauthorised access.

[toggle title=”Clone Tool for Super-Rapid Content Deployment”]
Our selected cloning plugin enables instant duplication of a page or post, so that you can retain the precise page structure and features (navigation, featured image, image gallery, form, testimonial, logo, naming format, heading and subheading structure, etc.) and simply overwrite as appropriate.

This ensures rapid deployment of new content and consistency in the appearance and functionality of similar content.

An entire site can also be duplicated for different brand, language and/or regional markets.

[toggle title=”Content Caching for Faster Browser Speed”]
Our selected caching plugin improves the user experience by improving server performance.

By caching every component of your site, it ensures reduced download times and provides integration with a transparent content delivery network (CDN).

  • 10x improvement in overall site performance when fully configured
  • Browser caching for faster subsequent page views
  • Improved bandwidth speed
  • Improved conversion rates and site performance for improved Google rank
  • Improved web server performance
  • Optimized progressive page render
  • Reduced page load time = visitor spend more time and view more pages on your site


[toggle title=”Database Backup for Greater Peace of Mind”]
One of the greatest risks with a simple and easy to use CMS, is the ever-present potential for human error and loss of data security.

To minimise the impact of any incident, our selected Database Backup plugin enables the backup of WP database to one or more of:

  • Email
  • Folder
  • FTP Server
  • Amazon S3
  • Dropbox
  • Google Storage
  • RackSpaceCloud

Our client databases are backed up daily and for multiple weeks.


[toggle title=”Database Cleanup and Optimization tool for Higher Database Efficiency”]
The ease of content creation enables databases to grow dramatically in size. A larger database can slow server performance and page load speed.

Our selected Database Cleanup and Optimization tool:

  • optimizes and shrinks your database by removing unnecessary post revisions
  • removes (thousands of) spams and un-approved comments with a single click
  • optimises page-load speed


[toggle title=”Google Analytics integration for Deeper Understanding of Visitor Behaviour”]
The best way to monitor statistics on your entire web presence is with the integration of Google Analytics.

This enterprise-class web analytics tool offers comprehensive and immensely valuable data for your SEO and site management. Analytics cover advertising, conversion, mobile, social, web.

Digital Tsunami will integrate Google Analytics into your WordPress mobile site and website.

[toggle title=”Heartbeat Monitoring for Faster Support”]
To constantly monitor sites on our servers, Digital Tsunami conducts frequent Heartbeat Monitoring.

Using external servers (located all around the globe) to access the sites, at intervals of two (2) minutes, this software checks that the domain is online.

During business hours an interactive interface is monitored. If a website is not online, our support team is also notified immediately via instant messaging.

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