Ballistics body armour datasheets



Craig International Ballistics has been a leading provider of lightweight, combat-proven body armour systems for the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and Police Forces since 1999.

For a range of lightweight, flat-pressed, armour panel solutions; which provide protection against bullets and fragmentation threats; Digital Tsunami produced datasheets. The design requirement included icons representing the land, air and sea applications, as well as target business sectors.

Print is almost always dependent on photography, so the shooting of specific images was required as part of the project.

A print-ready electronic template was created, enabling the client to modify content for updates and other products.

Digital Tsunami had previously designed a new identity, produced a 4K video and developed an online presence for the company.


Client: Craig International Ballistics
Solution/s: print
Sector/s: Safety & Security
Region/s: Asia Pacific
Language/s: English
Scope: print design, electronic template design
Features Liaison between the client in Brisbane and the design studio in Sydney.

From Our Clients

Quotation Mark

I am very happy with my new website from Digital Tsunami.

Not only did they design it, they also created my logo, and gave me valuable advice and professional feedback.

Through Digital Tsunami, my website now looks professional, easy to navigate and (through my customised CMS), easy to update.

Thomas Rydell
Eskilstuna, Sweden
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Once again, thanks for your promptness and partnership.

The current challenge of my job at Abbott is one of the greatest I've faced in 25 years of IT career. It's reassuring to know I can count on people like you when things go wrong.

Claudio Falcão Gomes
Head of IT
Botany, NSW, Australia
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Your team has been great to work with. Tamara is very quick to catch on to things and Amir's code and CSS has impressed David due to its' simplicity and elegance.

Ian Brand
Manager - Information Services
Adelaide, SA, Australia
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.. accurately interpreted the project brief and the outcome was a piece of cost effective quality work.

Lawrence Sank
Product Marketing Manager - Mobile Broadband
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Personal Broadband Australia
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Foodbank has experienced unprecedented growth .. there is no doubt that the new Foodbank website, designed, built and maintained pro bono by Digital Tsunami, has been the principle tool in lifting Foodbank's profile. It is because our website is so engaging, that we have captured these donations. Foodbank just wouldn't be where we are today without Digital Tsunami.

Bronwyn Boekenstein
North Ryde, NSW, Australia